Looking for a New Dog - Check this Out! (Only 4 Days Left)


The Chicago Animal Care & Control department is looking for loving humans to adopt dogs. Their office is open from noon to 4:00 pm daily, until March 31st. Take a look at their facebook event and connect with CACC if you are interested in adopting a pet. 


Free, Free, Free - New City Website and E-Newsletter

As many of you know, Alderman Mitchell provides a bi-monthly e-newsletter to share community updates, job opportunities, city news, and community events. If you haven't already definitely sign up at the blog of this post and join the newsletter.

However, we want to share a great resource with our partners down at the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. "Free, Free, Free!" is an e-newsletter and website that provides a monthly curated list of free programs, events and activities happening throughout the city in our libraries, museums, cultural centers and parks. We encourage you to express your culture through the arts and take advantage of the many opportunities the City of Chicago provides you to engage, create and participate!

We would consider bookmarking this site and checking back regularly, especially as summertime approaches. Take a look and let us know what you think.