Chicago Safe Event Recap

On Monday, May 1st, 2017 Alderman Mitchell hosted a Spring Town Hall Meeting focused on public safety. During the town hall, Greg promised to think outside of the box and find innovative ways to address public safety. On Saturday, September 23, 2017, Alderman Greg Mitchell brought one innovative idea to fruition by welcoming Canary to the 7th Ward for Chicago Safe. This unique public safety event was hosted at Powell Elementary School in the South Shore community and provided 7th Ward residents with 400 free all-in-one security devices.

As Alderman Mitchell opened the event he reminded participants of provided this important context for participants, “We noticed the increase in home break-ins, so we put out an initiative to try and get every home equipped with a home security camera.” Alderman Mitchell communicated the importance of this public safety tactic by sharing how a recent home break-in that the community was well aware of was solved because the homeowner had a similar surveillance system. “So, when this opportunity to partner with Canary to provide 400 free home security cameras to 7th Ward residents presented itself, I leaped at it; this was a match made in heaven.


Canary is an innovative company that believes everyone has a right to feel safe and secure, and security comes from having the information you want when you want it. Recently, Canary launched a line of home security products that make it affordable and simple for anyone to secure their home with an all-in-one security solution, complete with HD camera, siren, and air monitor. It’s built to learn and sends intelligent alerts with HD video and audio directly to your phone and local police.

Together, Alderman Mitchell and Canary CEO Adam Sager brought 400 free all-in-one security devices to the 7th Ward and residents responded. Hundreds of individuals lined up early for the free event, where they shared what home security meant to them, learned strategies for securing their home and received a free device to get them started.

Additionally, ESPN Chicago’s Jonathon Hood was present to emcee the event, and new Chicago Bulls point guard Kris Dunn spoke as well. Dunn shared his struggles with feeling secure in his childhood neighborhood. His story communicated the power and peace of mind the free Canary device can provide families living in similar situations.

7th Ward Resident Mary Shivers, KECS Block Club Project Manager, had this to say about the event, “This was a great turnout!  Thank you for this great event!  I enjoyed viewing the new school, enjoyed seeing so many security cameras… The great entertainment and the water, muffins, and coffee.  Well thought out event!  Please have more!!”

Alderman Greg Mitchell and the 7th Ward Service Center thank, Sheila Barlow, Principal of Powell Elementary School for graciously hosting the event in her building; the 4th District Police Department for securing the event; and especially Canary for providing the 400 free security devices which made the event possible. Together we are building a better 7th Ward.