Google Visits Powell Academy in the 7th Ward

I spent a majority of my career before becoming alderman working in the financial markets, specifically focused on technology. I understand the tremendous opportunity technology presents to the next generation and the importance of exposing our young people to this industry - which is why I was so excited to partner with Google to host a special computer science workshop for the students at Powell. 

On Wednesday, December 6th Google hosted a workshop for 5th-grade students at Powell Academy, where they learned how to use coding for music, technology, and education. Google wants to create a special day with activities focused on the students and teachers.

I witnessed the students at Powell taking full advantage of the opportunity to meet the team from Google. Who knows, I believe a lifelong love of learning and technology was sparked. Furthermore, this effort can be sustained thanks to the generous donation of $1,500,000 Google made to Chicago Public Schools.