Google Visits Powell Academy in the 7th Ward

I spent a majority of my career before becoming alderman working in the financial markets, specifically focused on technology. I understand the tremendous opportunity technology presents to the next generation and the importance of exposing our young people to this industry - which is why I was so excited to partner with Google to host a special computer science workshop for the students at Powell. 

On Wednesday, December 6th Google hosted a workshop for 5th-grade students at Powell Academy, where they learned how to use coding for music, technology, and education. Google wants to create a special day with activities focused on the students and teachers.

I witnessed the students at Powell taking full advantage of the opportunity to meet the team from Google. Who knows, I believe a lifelong love of learning and technology was sparked. Furthermore, this effort can be sustained thanks to the generous donation of $1,500,000 Google made to Chicago Public Schools. 


Water Main Replacement Project Starting Late November 2017 pm S. Bensley St.

A water main replacement project is launching this month from 107th St. to 109th St. along S. Bensley Avenue. Alderman Mitchell personally requested this infrastructure investment in our community. Repair water mains and improving streets are key tactics to improving our community and improving our quality of life. 

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the Complete Packet.

#BuildingaBetter7th #AnotherProjectbyGreg

Water Main Replacement Project Starting Late November 2017

A water main replacement project is launching this month in our community. Alderman Mitchell personally requested this infrastructure investment in our community. Repair water mains and improving streets are key tactics to improving our community and improving our quality of life. 

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the Complete Packet.

#BuildingaBetter7th #AnotherProjectbyGreg

Now You See Me - Now You Don't!

Greetings 7th Ward Residents,

We are so excited to announce that after years of trying, diligence, and hard work we have successfully demolished the abandoned newsstand located at 2358 E 79th St. This newsstand has been vacant for a decade or more, and has been a perptual blight on that corner. We are proud to see it go. Check out a few before and after pictures below. 

7th Ward Alderman Greg Mitchell provided the following remark, "Residents have been complaining about this newsstand since I came into office. I am pleased to finally be able to marshal the city's resources to resolve this issue for my constituents." 

Block by block the Alderman Greg Mitchell is moving our community forward and we look forward to seeing what he's up to next. 



Community Wealth Building Housing Fair

The Dearborn Realist Board, the local chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB), invites 7th Ward Residents to a half-day seminar about home ownership and wealth building. 

They are the oldest African American real estate trade organization in Chicago, and they are working on a cmapaign  to boost homeownership in the African American community by two million over the next five years. Chicago is one of the campaign's top targets given that the African American homeownership gap is larger than it's been since the 1960s.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of homeownership and want to learn about the process. 

Registration is strongly encouraged to enter the community enter the raffle.   Please follow this link to register.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at or by phone at 773-495-2170

The Se7enth Newspaper is Available Online

A few times a year the 7th Ward Service Center prints a newspaper to share the great work taking place across the Ward. Now you can find all of our issues online under the latest news section of the website. Remeber to check back with the latest news section often to stay up to date with our office and the alderman.

Print copies are available at our office while supplies last. 

Senior Summit Recap

For the final day of Senior Appreciation month, Aldermen Greg Mitchell of the 7th ward took time to focus on the specific concerns of these valued residents. Based on the topics that Senior residents found most pressing, a panel of representatives from city departments and senior organizations were assembled to create an open space for a panel discussion. The event was held at Compassion Baptist Church, and in addition to the speakers, the Chicago Department of Health arrived to also give free flu shots. As attendees arrived, they were also able to stop at informational tables to learn more about the panel and their work.

The speakers for the day included representatives from Medicare, the Cook County Accessors Office, and the Chicago Police Department’s Senior Services Office. There were also representatives from the Atlas Senior Center and the National Caucus and Center for Black Aging, both of which provide resources and services to seniors. Following a few short introductions and announcements from each speaker, the question and answer session began. Of the topics discussed, many had questions about Medicare and how it worked. There were also questions about how to process and submit applications for Medicare, updates on upcoming enrollment for Medicare were also provided. Officer Herbert Cisneros from CPD’s Senior Services Office announced the that they are currently looking for new members to join the Senior Advisory Council, which meets every first Tuesday of the month, providing input and feedback on the work within the community. When the panel discussion was over, representatives welcomed guests who had additional questions or needed clarity.

Attendees of the event were grateful to get information that they may not have obtained otherwise. For Mattie, a Senior resident of the 7th Ward, panels such as this are very helpful, especially because many seniors do not have access or often face a challenge when it comes to finding information on the internet, “A lot of the seniors don't know what’s going on. I guess everybody thinks just because the young people have computers and phones, we do too, but a lot of seniors don’t. If they have them, they don’t know how to use them. And so we don’t know how to pull this information from the different websites. So we need someone to think about us and to bring it to our attention.”